Tranquil Anti-Anxiety Formula – Anti-Stress Formula – Mood Enhancment

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Tranquil Anti-Anxiety Formula – Enhances Calm, Adaptogenic Formula, Relax the mind and body, Rhodiola, , Ashwagandha,5-HTP, GABA, Magnesium, Anti-Stress, Relieves Anxiety and Gives Peace of Mind, Healthy Sleep Support

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Mellow Magnesium

Multiple studies have shown that depleted magnesium can lead to anxiety and depression, and an increase in perceived stress. Magnesium deficiencies are strikingly common with some reports stating that half of Americans missing magnesium in their diet.

Adapt and Adjust

Our Tranquil Anti-Anxiety Formula includes a complex blend of adaptogenic herbs and supplements.  Adaptogens allow us to pivot in the world without stress dominating our experience.

Nice Nootropics 

Nootropic supplements help the function of the brain and cognition.  When you feel capable and have enhanced mental power, the demands of the day can’t drag you down, and you are less susceptible to anxiety and frustration.

Quick Overview for Tranquil Anti-Anxiety Formula

Anxiety affects everyone from time to time, but many of us are wary of pharmaceutical medications that can have dangerous or undesirable side-effects.  Our Tranquil Anti-Anxiety Formula is designed to calm your nerves naturally and allow you to approach life’s problems with a cool head.  We have combined known effective non-pharmaceutical supplements to give you a calm mind and body.

Our formula contains Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Rhodiola and Chamomile to make sure your body is able to adapt and handle outside stresses.  We have supplemented this with GABA to support mental calm, and Valerian to relax the body.  Bacopa and L-Theanine allows your brain to function under high stress and react less to external stimuli.  In our world of constant bombardment, our Tranquil Anti-Anxiety Formula gives you your best chance to face daily challenges without disrupting your peace.



Who might benefit from taking Ashwagandha?

Anyone looking for occasional stress support, a boost in mood and energy, or immune support can reap the benefits of Ashwagandha and its adaptogens. This formula is inclusive and may help anyone find support in their busy lives.

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