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biotin Biotin

Grow Baby Grow!

Biotin is used by the body to support the growth of healthy hair.  Those who are deficient in Biotin can experience alopecia or thinning of the hair.*

biotin1 Biotin

Nail Nutrition

Biotin supports nail growth and improves the strength and quality of nails.  One study found that supplementing biotin increased nail thickness by up to 25%!*

biotin2 Biotin

Skin Support

Biotin is essential in the body’s utilization of fatty and amino acids.  The body’s access and ability to adequate fatty acids impact the health and radiance of the skin, and deficiencies in biotin can lead to eczema, rashes and inflammation.*

Biotin BG scaled Biotin

Quick Overview

Biotin is a B vitamin that is strongly linked with the body’s ability to take nutrients and energy and convert it into the materials we need to build our bodies.  It has been shown to support the growth of healthy hair, nails and improve the health and quality of skin.  This vitamin is also essential during pregnancy as it supports embryonic growth.*

Biotin is also associated with inflammation reduction and muscle recovery and growth.  It supports healthy metabolism and when biotin is not kept to an adequate level in the body, it can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and mood imbalances. Basically, Biotin aids and supports all the processes in the body that make you your most beautiful self!*





SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement take one (1) veggie capsule once a day. If desired, take two capsules daily. For best results take 20-30 min before a meal with an 8oz. glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.


How much biotin should you take for hair growth?

Adults can intake 30 mcg per day, and breastfeeding women should increase their consumption to 35 mcg per day with doctor’s guidance. Meat, nuts, seafood, seeds, eggs, and vegetables are the best natural sources of biotin.*

Why you shouldn't take biotin?

There are a few reasons why you might not want to take biotin. The first reason is that biotin can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients, such as zinc and vitamin B12. If you’re not getting enough of these nutrients in your diet, taking biotin could make things worse.*

Another potential downside to taking biotin is that it could make your skin more susceptible to sun damage.*

Is it OK to take a biotin supplement every day?

Biotin is usually safe for the majority of individuals when taken in doses of up to 300 mg daily for a period of up to six months. Some studies suggest that high doses of biotin may cause certain side effects such as kidney problems, digestive upset, problems with insulin release, and skin rashes.*

What should you not take with biotin?

You should not take biotin if you are taking certain anticonvulsants, as they may reduce the amount of biotin in your body. You should also avoid taking biotin if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.*

If you are taking phenobarbital, primidone, carbamazepine, or phenytoin, speak to your doctor before taking biotin.*

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