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Founded With Pure Values

Nooptropa was founded to serve the mind-body connection of our clients.Through experience and research our company believes that our potential happiness and peace live in the space of this connection. The current nature of our world requires us to fragment our whole selves and this sacred space becomes obscured by our daily requirements and movements. Our goal is to enhance the human ability to maintain and strengthen the energy that ties us to our greater experiences. Our supplements support total mind and body health using natural plants and compounds that have been used for centuries.

Sourced From the Nature

We source our supplements from pure sources to ensure that our customers receive the maximum health benefits from our products. Our catalog of products has been chosen carefully by reviewing thousands of published studies as well as integrating generations of healing and medicinal traditions.

Quality Sourcing

Quality at Nootropa is our top priority. Our supplements are ethically sourced and monitored carefully. We believe in consistent testing and evaluation to ensure our customers are receiving pure, potent, and highly bioavailable products that will bring them closer to their goals safely and efficiently. Our suppliers are held to the highest manufacturing and processing standards out of respect for our clients.
We are also dedicated to supporting unique ways to combine our supplements so that our customers can experience the highest experience from our brand. Our blends are unique and studied to optimize the natural function of each component within the body. This takes the guesswork and cost out of assembling a supplement regimen that is most effective and bioavailable and limits unnecessary consumption and waste.

Pure Intentions

At Nootropa, our objective is to bring our clients closer to their minds and their bodies so that growth and healing can be prioritized no matter what external difficulties we face. We support your journey to your best self with help from nature, tradition and science.